Daniel MacMorris



Still Life Painted in Rombone Gift Shop
1124 Grand Avenue, Kansas, City -1914

Oil on Board 10" x 22"

Signed and dated upper left

(with gold leaf frame below)


Leroy Daniel MacMorris was a nationally known portrait painter, muralist, illustrator, decorator and designer from Kansas City. Primarily a portrait artist in his later years, he also executed many murals, the most notable in the Kansas City area are in the Nelson Art Gallery (Rozzsell Court ceiling), the Liberty Memorial Building (restoration of the World War I mural “Pantheon de la Guerre”), and the Kansas City Public Library Missouri Valley Room (History of Kansas City). He also painted murals at the State Library Building in Columbus, OH and the Houston, TX City Hall ceiling murals.

Born in Sedalia, MO in 1893 He was raised in central Missouri and Kansas City. MacMorris was an illustrator for the Kansas City Star. He studied at the Kansas City Art Institute (1912), and the Chicago Art Institute (until 1915). His first teachers were George Sass in Kansas City, and Alphonso Mucha in Chicago. He spent two summers with Leon Gaspard in Taos, and was to remain a pupil and friend for the rest of Gaspard's life. He served in both world wars: in the first war he was sent to France in the signal corps; in WW II he spent over three years teaching camouflage in Utah. Following his first assignment to France with the army, he returned to spend five years as a student and artist with his own studio on the right bank. He studied with August Gorguet in Paris and before leaving had an exhibition at the Durand-Ruel Gallery. MacMorris returned to the States and set up a studio in New York City above the Carnegie Hall. While there he studied with Joseph Pennell, Robert Henri and George Bridgeman. He exhibited at the Durand-Ruel Galleries in New York and Newport.

After 1945 he resettled in Kansas City, Missouri as a portrait painter, muralist, and teacher. He died painting a mural while at age 89 years on August 27, 1981.