Carroll Thayer Berry

1886- 1978


Head Tide Village on the Sheepscot
Maine- birthplace of Poet Edwin Arlington Robinson

Dearborn 17

Wood engraving chiaroscuro, hand signed

10 1/8" x 12 1/16"


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Carroll Thayer Berry

The wood engravings of Carroll Thayer Berry have become emblematic of Maine.Prints like "Deer Isle Thoroughfare", "Retired from the Sea" and "Lobsterman- Homeward Bound" exemplify the richness and simplicity of Down East Maine.His consummate craftsmanship and natural approach created a body of work that is immediately recognizable as his.

Born in New Gloucester, Maine and working out of Rockport, Berry chronicled scenes from almost every town of Downeast and Midcoast Maine. After an initial experimental period, he settled on the affordable medium of the woodblock during the Depression before a late series of compositions influenced by the theory of Dynamic Symmetry. After completing his marine engineering studies at the University of Michigan, he moved to Massachusetts where he worked as a mechanical draftsman for an engineering firm. He went to Panama in 1910 to participate in the construction of the Panama Canal, but contracted malaria. It was while recuperating that he began taking art classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In 1915 he moved to Chicago and worked as an illustrator before moving back to Maine and eventually settling in Rockport.