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Blue Hill by the Sea
Some of the best sailing in the world.
A safe harbor, fine restaurants.








Blue Hill is an early Maine seacoast town nestled at the foot of Blue Hill Mountain and the head of Blue Hill Bay. The
first settlers were Joseph Wood and John Roundy from Massachusetts. In 1789 the town charter established itself
as Blue Hill.

Parson Jonathan Fisher had a well known reputation for being a teacher, artist, builder, inventor, writer, as well as being the town's first minister in 1792. The town's earliest industries were shipbuilding, granite quarrying, and fishing.

Blue Hill's year round population is about 2,000. Blue Hill contains a wealth of culture including a wealth of art galleries, artists, musicians and writers. Kneisel Hall is a world reknowned classical music school founded in the early
20th century by Franz Kneisel. It features numerous summer chamber music recitals that attract music lovers from all
over the world.

The Blue Hill Peninsula offers the sailor the splendors of Eggemoggin Reach, Blue Hill Bay and Penobscot Bay.

With a southwest wind you can fly a spinnaker all the way
into Blue Hill Bay...
. and also picnic on Long Island.

Guest Moorings, Gasoline &
Diesel at The Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club: