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Art is: 

Tax Deductible

An Appreciating Asset

Improves Corporate Image

Getting Started

Office & Common Area Decoration

Interface with Local Community

Offers Traveling Exhibits to Local and Remote Branches

Public Relations Tool

Cultural and Educational Resource













































 Corporate Collections

The value of Art has been increasing in every market for every decade since
World War II.

Art is one commodity that increases in value independently of many of the fluctuating pressures that other markets are subject to. The reasons for this are many. The pre-eminent equation of supply and demand dictates that the value of
the finite number of works that any particular artist created only increases as the number of collectors seeking them grows.

From 1992 to 2005, the International Art Auction Market has increased by
300% while the stock market has increased 100%.


The International Art Market, 1992-2005


The United States Art Auction Market, 1992- 2005


The Irish Art Market 1992- 2005


 The British Art Market, 1992 - 2005


 The Italian Art Market, 1992 - 2005


The Stock Market 1979 - 2005

We have been in business for 41 years, framing, appraising & consulting with our clients in order to provide the best and most flattering framework for the images that enhance our domestic and profesional lives.

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