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 Russian Icon

18th century

Zosim and Savvaty

Egg tempera and gold leaf
on wood panel

21 x 28 inches



 Zosim and Savvaty were the monks who founded the Solvensky monastery on the White Sea. They are both holding The Kazan Mother of God, wearing monastic clothes, Zosim on the left, Savvaty on the right. Savvaty's origin is unknown, other than he was in the White Lake Monastery of Krrill Byelozerskiy sometime between 1408 and 1431. He next went to the Valaam Monastery on Lake Ladoga. Uncomfortable at being praised there for his piety, he left for the uninhabited Solvensky Island in the White Sea, where he settled with the Monk German (of Solovestsk). Savvaty died in 1435. One year later German returned to Solovetsk with Zosim, he founded a monastery there which grew and flourished. Zosim died in 1478. Zosim and Savvatiy are commonly shown standing in front of their monastery.

They are the patron saints of beekeepers.