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 Russian Icon

18th century

New Testament Trinity

Egg tempera and gold leaf
on wood panel

1/4" x 19"




 The New Testament Trinity is in the center with three winged seraphim. On the left on the surrounding ring is The Mother of God, to the right John the Forerunner (Baptist), and six more seraphim. In the 4 points of the star are the Four Evangelists. The winged, fiery wheels beneath the feet of the Trinity are a rank of angel called "Thrones". The "Powers" among which the Trinity is set are the ranks of angels as listed in The celestial Hierarchy of (Psuedo-) Dionysus the Aeropagite. In this image they are the "Seraphim" already mentioned, those at upper right are Authorities", those at center right are "Dominions, those at bottom right are "Powers", those at center left are a variant of "Thrones".