D.V. Miliev



D.V. Miliev, was a Russian artist living and working in the Novgorod area of Russia. Novogorod is an important city for Russian icon painting in the nearby monasteries beginning from fifteen century. It is situated about half way between St. Petersburg on the Northeast and Moscow on the Southwest.

Miliev was active from about 1895 to 1917, up to the Russian Revolution. He painted in the small villages in and around Novgorod . His subjects were Isbushki (small wood log houses prevalent in Northern Russia), small local Russian Orthodox churches, fishing boats, the local people in their environment. His watercolors and drawings were quite accomplished and suggests art training in France. His work is loose, confident and colorful, and yet the detail is never overlooked. Art Nouveau style, which evolved out France Germany and Austria, is also evident in many of Miliev's works.